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Were you selected to participate in the National Food, Nutrition and Physical Activity Survey?


 10 quick messages we want you to take with you:

  • - Your name was randomly selected from the National Health Service Register, to represent the Portuguese population.
  • - The assessment (two face-to-face interviews) can be held in your Family Health Unit or in your home, as your convenience.
  • - The personal responses provided are confidential.
  • - Your personal information will be analyzed along with the data of the entire sample and never individually.
  • - Your participation is highly important and voluntary.
  • - You will not have any cost in participating; we just need you to dispose some of your time.
  • - You will not get any rewards for participating, but a brief description of your nutritional status will be provided.
  • - You have the right to decide to withdraw your participation in this study at any time.
  • - If you decide not participate, you will not be subjected to any harm and anyone will be informed about your decision.
  • - This study has no commercial or profit goals.

The entire population benefits from you participation in this survey. The knowledge that it will bring will allow a better performance from healthcare professionals working in this field and the development of health promotion policies.


For further information contact:

National Food, Nutrition and Physical Activity Survey

Tel.: +351 22 042 69 00

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Or send us your contact and we will call you as soon as possible:



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