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Meeting - Nordic Monitoring System

Our researchers Carla Lopes, Andreia Oliveira, Milton Severo and Duarte Torres attended a meeting with investigators / coordinators of the "Nordic monitoring system on diet, physical activity and overweight", represented by Professor Lene Andersen, on March 31 and April 1, in Oslo.

With this meeting it was intended to understand the Nordic monitoring system and also discuss some methodological aspects related to the fieldwork, with food bases and statistical analysis of dietary data.

Participation in the annual meeting - EFSA

The researchers Carla Lopes and Duarte Torres took part in the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) anual meeting, in Parma, where they presented the progress of the IAN-AF and methodologies that are being followed for harmonization of data at European level.

The development of instruments and harmonized protocols for the evaluation of food consumption in the different European countries is one of the objectives of this project.